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Hello, Im Mike Groenenburg

“I see many influencers, wanting to start a business or sell merchandise to their followers, something to connect with them. The Official Brands was started to create new, unique brands that fit influencers their style. We look for partnerships with influencers who want to go on a journey with us”

– Mike Groenenburg

With our connections, we produce worldwide

Unlimited products, print on demand

You pay nothing, we finance everything

How it Works

Step 1 Getting to know eachother

After you filled in the form on the contact page, we will schedule a meeting to get to know eachother and who we are. Trust and transparancy is the most important thing what we value

Step 2 Custom Made Plan

After the meeting, our designers will make a custom plan, stating the idea for the products, the pricing, the profit, how the webshop will look like with a planning.

Step 3 Acceptance/Change

After the plan is made we will showcase it to you. You can look at it, make changes about the designs, webshop etc. After you accepted the plan we will start the new company

Step 4 Product + Designs

We will talk with suppliers, print-on-demand companies to realize the product infrastructure. We will make the products ready for launch.

Step 5 Webshop production

Our experts (the best in the game) will make a fully custom-webshop based on your style. We will import the products on the webshop and make everything ready for launch.

Step 6 Selling + Profit split

After everything is ready, you as the influencer can start the marketing, you can put a link in your bio stating you have your own new webshop selling merchandise. Every product sold will result in a profitsplit between you and us.